Behind the Cheesecake

Chocolate Cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory. (Photo courtesy of

When I started my first blog Fierce, I fell back in love with writing and haven’t looked back since!  My first blog baby is all about beauty and fashion and I love it!  Now a year later I find myself wanting to blog about so many more things like the fab dinner my husband cooked or the latest upset in reality t.v.  There are places I wanna go, thinks that irk me, and lessons I learned playing this game we call Life.

 Love, Life, and Cheesecake is about what I love (and don’t), the cool (and not so cool) things going on in my life and anything other random thing I can think of!  Its my creative space  that allows me to write without restriction, deadlines, and any particular focus or niche. 

Where does the cheesecake come in?


It just does!

(besides, it’s one of the best desserts on Earth!)


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