About Ms. Margaret


Alter Ego: MJ

Hometown: Queens, NYC

Present Town: West Palm Beach, FL

Guilty pleasure:  Reality TV, talk shows,  and hair extensions

Little known unbelievable fact: Cuban mother and Afro-Irish father but the Cuban household ruled!

Pigs out on:  Cheesecake, pizza, and fries

Has too many: eyeshadows, lip glosses, flip flops, fashion jewelry, and  hair products

Doesn’t do: Sushi, Jumping out of planes, and math problems.

Music on her IPOD:  Hip hop, R&B, gothic rock, dancehall, alternative, new age, pop, and a smidget of country and folk.  (yes, I love Paul Simon! Sue me!)

Can’t stand:  Lousy drivers, lack of common sense, and unprofressionalism

Newly crowned:  Occassional Gym Rat

Stays glued to: Her Blackberry and all its social media vices!

Is so lucky that: Her husband LOVES to cook!

Hasn’t happend… yet:  Kids, NY Times best seller

Life outside this blog:  Beauty and fashion blogger for Yahoo! Shine, Pefect Wedding Guide, and Fierce


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