In Case You Didn’t Know About the Movie Inception…

It’s a







If I can say I would pay $10 to go see it again, I totally would!!

I went into this movie with a mid-grade expectation, meaning that the plot probably won’t be great but the special effects would make it enjoyable.  I came out of the theatre and told my writing peeps that I went out with that this movie was like Matrix on steroids!  The concept was perfectly executed – just deep enough to get you thinking but not so deep that it leaves you so confused!  Leo was amazing and it just solidified the fact that he has grown as an actor.  Now mind you, he was by no means the only star of the show.  Every character shined in their own way, making the moviegoer pay just as much attention to them as they do Leo.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to give anything away!  Besides, if I attempted to type the story plot to you, I would confuse myself! LOL  But I seriously recommend you check out this movie (and pay for your tickets in advance!  They’re selling like hotcakes!)

After seeing a slew of Netflix-only worthy movies, this made me believe in going to the movies again!

Photo courtey of: 3.bp.blogspot com


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